GatorMail - v7.2.2 - December 2017

What's Enhanced

- Security updates for stronger DNA link encryption and masked email addresses in landing pages.

- We have added login protection to prevent a single user login from accessing multiple instances at the same time, or the same page within a single instance more than once at the same time. Either can cause causing cross tab pollination. If you login to a second instance in a new tab or browser window, or you load the same page in a new tab or browser window, the original tab will be disabled.

What's Fixed

- [Internal:4046] - Added a check for all campaign click history to make sure a bot is not trying to change links to campaigns to gather information.

- [Internal:4054] - Fixed an issue which was stopping GatorWorkflow event condition rules from processing correctly.

- [Internal:4072] - Fixed an issue with the events iFrame not displaying valid events due to the new bot tracking URL.