SSO - v1.0.2 - April 2016

What's New

SSO-111 — Enable SSO to work with Okta

SSO-67 — Add ability to select which product is your default rather than always defaulting to GatorLeads or the Dashboard

What's Enhanced

SSO-106 — Add edit icon rather than double click to the dashboard

What's Fixed

SSO-101 — Fix issue where clicking on the "Arrow" multiple times deletes your account

SSO-102 — Fix issue where clicking on certain items causes an "undefined" pop-up message

SSO-103 — Disable the buttons while an action is happening (to stop spam clicking)

SSO-104 — Clicking the "Gator.SignOn" button from GatorMail doesn't log you straight into GatorMail instead you get a warning pop-up and the SSO dashboard

SSO-105 — Make the account wizard stop you from selecting no accounts

SSO-107 — Issue when saving user preferences

SSO-108 — Password Reset Queue causing issues when logging in

SSO-109 — Cannot create accounts

SSO-110 — Disable the Ability to register multiple accounts on the same email address