GatorSocial - v2.4.8 - December 2018

What's Enhanced

GS-91 — Adding a drop down of all contacts when using '@' to tag someone in a post

GS-94 — The ability to like posts on the timeline for Twitter like you can for Facebook

GS-230 — Ability to edit images after scheduling a post

What's Fixed

GS-287 — Fixed an issue with clicks registering

GS-285 — Images with different names overwriting each over on upload

GS-267 — Changing the LinkedIn Card Link to match CSV or vice versa

GS-284 — Images loaded into posts not aligned correctly and obscuring delete icon

GS-247 — Allow for change of scheduled time for queued posts

GS-272 — Character count does not update when pasting content without a shortcut

GS-282 — Save button when editing scheduled posts doesn't work

GS-268 — Issue with 'Close' button not working