GatorSocial - v2.4 - September 2017

What's Enhanced

GS-154 — Poll nightly for if the token has expired and send email on expired, 3, 7 and 14 days

GS-155 — Check the token isnt going to expire, before a scheduled message sends

GS-156 — Show a modal when a token is due to expire within 2 weeks or has expired

GS-162 — Network Analytics not updating on unfollow

What's Fixed

GS-160 — Publishing – Auto Queue – When you click on the add button underneath Auto-post schedulers it doesn’t do anything

GS-161 — Spelling - When you download the CSV template in the message section there is a spelling mistake it currently says “Uploade” when it needs to say “upload”

GS-164 — Inside the Activity tab the links appear broken

GS-167 — GatorScoop articles not appearing in AutoQueue

GS-168 — Twitter posts including links not containing http(s) do not include link in character count