GatorSocial - v2.3.1 - June 2017

What's Enhanced

GS-95 — Display a message to users letting them know that they should not upload images with spaces or non-alphanumeric characters included in GatorSocial

GS-105 — Enhance: Change the layout of posts in the schedule

GS-108 — Enhance: Make 'Link' field in batch upload less ambiguous

GS-118 — Picture and Video support for all networks

GS-127 — New composer

What's Fixed

GS-110 — LinkedIn dashboard is now showing information

GS-111 — URL shortener is now properly; no longer shortening urls ending with a hyphen

GS-115 — Some symbols change when posting into their encoded versions such as & to &

GS-117 — Add a connection alert to the user if the there is a problem reaching the network

GS-119 — Prevent post from being added that are longer than network limits, for example, 140 for twitter, 256 for LinkedIn, 5000 for Facebook

GS-120 — Facebook and LinkedIn Dashboard have no data

GS-122 — Mass update function is not working

GS-125 — Social msSql Support

GS-128 — SSO all accounts for a user

GS-129 — Parser error all the time on Competitors Screen

GS-130 — Testing - Won't connect to Facebook

GS-131 — Feed Blogs not saving

GS-132 — preview of LinkedIn article

GS-133 — Networks don’t show on the Scoop tool

GS-134 — edit post save is navigating

GS-135 — Cant create Auto Schedule

GS-136 — Revert Forced SSO Changes 2.3.1

GS-137 — Remove Get Content for Url Button

GS-138 — Direct message history missing date

GS-139 — Bing search now working

GS-112 — Delay displaying Twitter connections when posting updates from Schedule page

GS-114 — Add the failed message response to allow users to see the failed posts and why it failed.