GatorSocial - v2.2.4 - January 2016

What's Enhanced

GS-5 — LinkedIn and Facebook Text Limit Increased to 5000

GS-11 — Being able to upload a list of twitter handles to DM

GS-12 — View the direct messages that have been sent in Twitter within the dashboard

GS-13 — View the direct messages that have been sent through the GatorSocial platform

GS-14 — Track accounts you have previously DM’d to make sure they do not receive the same message multiple times

GS-15 — You can now enable and upload videos and images from GatorSocial

GS-20 — You can now edit the content for a tweet when using Scoop to create

GS-21 — A more visible ‘close’ button when messaging followers

What's Fixed

GS-6 — When viewing the competitors in Gator Social the Kred Score is not coming up.

GS-8 — The error message when the passwords don’t match has a typo: “password And confrim password don’t match”

GS-10 — Changed the text from comments to Tweets on the dashboard?

GS-17 — The saved “Scoops” table breaks up when the URL is too big

GS-18 — You can now see your newest followers first on the list of “recent followers”

GS-19 — Fixed bug where imports in batch upload were not pulling in ‘campaign name’

GS-22 — Corrected some typos that had been raised

GS-25 — RSS feed ‘Auto Posting’ now fixed

GS-27 — Fixed bug that resulted in part of a batch upload getting stuck in a queue but never posting

GS-30 — Adjustment to character count, accommodating Twitter requiring 24 chars if an image is added to a tweet

GS-31 — Fixed: Unable to 'Manage' Facebook and unable to post scheduled posts

GS-32 — GatorLeads Tracking ‘GatorSocial’ now visible

GS-7 — Fixed a meta issue which disabled the browser plugin from working in some customer’s instances