GatorCreator - v2.18.0 - May 2021

What's Fixed:

GC-1054 - Better support for retina images

GC-1161 - Image element padding is not removed when image is hidden in mobile view

GC-1165 - Fixed an issue for web captures in GC Landing Pages when duplicating blocks caused the web capture to break. 

GC-1182 - Lead score category tag disappears from buttons after clicking on other blocks

GC-1193 - Max width not being set on images in Outlook templates

GC-1194 - Link colour not changing to match page style setting 

GC-1196 - Insert calendar link does not allow you to input date in Firefox 

GC-1197 - Padding appearing incorrectly in Outlook

GC-1199 - Borders around images not saving

GC-1205 - Custom column widths must have a value set

GC-1210 - Issue with the ‘link checker’ in the test centre.