GatorCreator - v2.7.0 - February 2019

What's Enhanced

GC-797 — Added a link checker to the Test Center.  It check all links in the email, displaying whether they work or not.

What's Fixed

GC-754 — Fixed an issue with the bottom of image being cut off when uploading.

GC-843 — Fixed an issue with fallback fonts not working in Outlook when using custom fonts.

GC-855 — Fixed an issue with landing zone Social Share blocks not working.

GC-860 — Fixed an issue with landing zone web capture forms not updating email address on submissions.

GC-861 — Fixed an issue with Self Hosted fonts.

GC-862 — Fixed the landing zone opening modal references to landing zone instead of email.

GC-863 — Fixed an issue with ampersands in document names breaking document links.

GC-867 — Fixed an issue editing transparency of a background colour.

GC-870 — Changed the wording on the link target so that its more friendly.