GatorCreator - v1.14.0 - December 2017


GC-451 — Fixed an issue with the new bot detection merge field showing in GatorCreator templates when viewing them in GatorMail.

GC-456 — Fixed several alignment issues for boxes and option settings.

GC-458 — Fixed an issue with the image modal crashing when trying to look for folder that doesn't exist.

GC-459 — Corrected an issue with saving GatorCreator emails not updating the modified date for the email record in GatorMail.


GC-356 — Added a toggle option to show and hide hidden elements in the editor.

GC-357 — Added a locked down user role that doesn’t show template admin or the delete options

GC-443 — Added the ability to create tracked mailto: links.

GC-452 — Added the ability to show advanced options, show only custom templates, disallow template editing, and disallow the setup wizard.

New Feature

GC-259 — Added user role lockdowns into the product.

GC-376 — Implement functionality which allows designers to upload custom HTML files for specific templates.