GatorWorkflow - v1.0 - January 2016

GatorWorkflow has just been released. Please see the GatorWorkflow help site for all things workflow.

What's New

GW-15 — Add the ability to run multiple workflow services for a single environment split over an instance name range (instances starting with letter a-b for example)

What's Fixed

GW-1 — Just creating a workflow on chrome and doesn’t let me see the bottom of the decisions ( such as the exit stage) while using a screen resolution of 1366 x 768.

GW-7 — Workflow members showing as active but not progressing through workflow.

GW-8 — Canvas Position off Screen On Save

GW-10 — Date rules were not being correctly evaluated (stored value and contact), due to an issue with the date time pattern check

GW-11 — Errors are occurring refreshing GatorMail attribute based stored values.

GW-24 — Fix for issue where the action base class in the workflow service was not correctly disposing of timers on unload of a workflow.

GW-25 — Null Reference Error On Loading Contact Rule Using "Contains Data" Operator.