GatorCreator - v2.16.0 - November 2020

What's Fixed:

GC-1003 - Email display only takes up half of display on Samsung S9 with outlook 365 app

GC-1090 - We need to adjust media queries in Creator to support mobiles in landscape view.

GC-1146 - mdColorPickerHistory cookie size can cause issue saving

GC-1122 - Changing page width from 600 to another value doesn't resize the images

GC-1153 - Campaign Landing page live preview visual error 

GC-1144 - Disable tracking checkbox on Calendar links does not work

GC-1135 - Check Admin settings for admin users

GC-1152 - Telephone links are not inserted as tracked links

GC-1139 - Spaces created either side of a newly inserted link

GC-1150 - Saving GC email as template results in 404 error

GC-1159 - Warning icon indicating missing links displays on button with link when other buttons in block are hidden

GC-1158 - Icons for desktop/mobile etc overlap with test centre when using Safari.

GC-1141 - Landing Page Video - Privacy Mode check duplicated