GatorCreator - v2.9.0 - June 2019

What's Enhanced

GC-808 — Added rename and delete functionality on creator images.

GC-832 — Added ability to set a width of each form capture control container when aligned horizontally.

GC-931 — Added meta tags for Landing Zones.

GC-934 — Add the ability to insert merge fields 1-10 in the HTML editor.

GC-939 — Added new buttons to Increase and Decrease letter spacing.

What's Fixed

GC-309, GC-838 — Fixed an issue adding a lead score category to a link before you have inputted the link URL.

GC-792 — Fixed an issue removing the validation on a landing zone.

GC-837 — Fixed an issue with lead scoring being removed from a link when edited again.

GC-877 — Fixed an issue with the 'No I do not wish to edit this email' button when trying to edit an email on an initiated campaign.

GC-904 — Fixed an issue with a <body> margin on test and live sends.

GC-924 — Fixed an issue with web forms not saving changes for 'submit data for summary approval'.

GC-928 — Fixed an issue with centre alignment on images not working on mobile devices.

GC-929 — Fixed an issue with the landing zone field date picker.

GC-942 — Fixed an issue with RGB colours in Lotus Notes.