GatorCreator - v2.4.0 - November 2018

What's Enhanced

GC-672 — Added page level background images to creator.  

GC-780 — Added ability to lock down editing of emails or templates.

Options include:

  • Disable Moving Blocks
  • Disable Deleting Blocks
  • Disable Duplicating Blocks
  • Disable Adding Blocks
  • Disable Saving Block
  • Disable Page Styling
  • As well as make no editing/deleting on a per-block basis.

GC-783 — Prototype Pixie Editor - Replaced our old image editor with a newer HTML5 image editor.

GC-788 — Added image alignment options to GatorCreator for landing zones.

GC-789 — New block which includes social element plus an image and two text blocks (depending on settings).

GC-790 — Added lead score for opening of an email, this can be set in the page properties of the email.

What's Fixed

GC-519 — Unable to upload custom modules

GC-761 — Can't upload custom modules to GatorCreator on Mac

GC-778 — Dynamic content blocks bypassing inline styling

GC-781 — Test centre not working when using in an email template

GC-782 — Issue with custom fonts not loading correctly.

GC-793 — Custom Admin Block Upload not showing correct templates

GC-794 — If lead score value is set in a link with no category, the link does not work.

GC-795 — Remove all beta flags for creator (and GM and Survey)

GC-796 — Lead Scoring within trigger campaigns not updating LSTotal field automatically

GC-799 — Fixed an issue with iframes being inserted into Creator emails.