GatorMail - v7.14.0 - June 2019

What's New:

CG-5178 — Smart Forms (Web Capture) - Superior web capture deployment with new smart forms. Create a single web capture that can be used on multiple website pages.  You can apply unique rules and actions to each.  All within a single web capture.

CG-5357 — Smart Forms Single Script - To go along with the new Smart Forms, you can now deploy a single script on your website load the forms far easier.

CG-5385 — Campaign Archive - Allows for an archive of past campaigns to be delivered through a landing page for historical reference either privately or publicly. Your recipients or future recipients can gain an idea of what email campaigns you have sent previously.

CG-5368 — Contact Screen - We have redesigned the contact screen making it easier to use and of course a lot nicer to look at!

What's Fixed:

CG-4969 — Fixed an issue with the last send date field on campaign results not applying the selected date format.

CG-5224 — Changed activity reports to reflect send date and time rather than start date.

CG-5259, CG-5280, CG-5364 — Added a change to prevent a group from being deleted if it is being used in a live campaign, campaign series, a live or test workflow or as an included or excluded group.

CG-5282 — Changed integrated campaigns to prevent changes to the group selection at the campaign setup changes.

CG-5289 — Changed the creative heat map to count all results not just individual clicks.

CG-5294 — Fixed an issue saving a group where the default unsubscribe rule was configured incorrectly.

CG-5301 — Fixed an issue with GatorCreator dynamic content emails not working in split test campaigns.

CG-5302 — Fixed an issue with incorrect links appearing in the campaign results due to bots.

CG-5315 — Fixed an issue where the final screen in the Send To A Friend process doesn't link to the style sheet.

CG-5318 — Fixed an issue where some GatorAI checks failed when campaigns didnt have a strategy set.

CG-5322 — Allowed question mark symbols in the contact attribute display name fields.

CG-5329 — Fixed the creative tab being unresponsive due to broken links in the email.

CG-5337 — Fixed an issue with Inbox checker not working with copied split test campaigns.

CG-5343 — Update to both campaign and DataSync integrations to support returning UTC converted dates for Workbooks CRM.

CG-5358 — Fixed a blue screen error loading survey previews.

CG-5365 — Fixed a tooltip issue for the Calendar launch date.

CG-5367 — Fixed an issue handling https for Inbox Checker.

CG-5394 — Removed the campaign send order to send by most recent engaged email addresses.  This is no longer required due to speed increases in campaign processing.

CG-5395 — Re-ordered the active campaign output to get normal campaigns by oldest StartDate instead of newest ID.  This means the earlier scheduled campaigns will send first instead of what campaign is newer.

CG-5405 — Fixed an issue with copying a GatorCreator throwing an error.

CG-5406 — Fixed an issue with CC and BCC not working correctly.

CG-5426 — Fixed an issue with GatorCreator links now showing properly for split test campaigns.

CG-5457 — Fixed an issue with DataSync having duplicated included contacts.