GatorMail - v7.9.0 - October 2018

What's Enhanced:

CG-4399 - The select screens with folder tree and search grids have been enhanced to always remember your user’s last positions (called persistence) for up to 2 days – so yes, even when you log out and back in the you will stay in your last folder, and any search criteria in the grid will also stay – making it easier for you as you move around the application and do not find yourself re typing in selections and folders.

What's Fixed:

CG-3465 - Fixed an issue with the test group popups having incorrect options for adding contacts into them.

CG-4113 - Fixed an issue with adding recipients to scheduled notifications for activity reports.

CG-4341 - Fixed issue where the white bar would appear over the results in the results URL functionality.

CG-4797 - Fixed an issue with exporting split test "sent" exports incorrectly exporting all campaign sent successfully, and not just design A or B.

CG-4823 - Fixed an issue with mailto links breaking if they are updated.

CG-4846 - Fixed an issue with merge field links don't work within an email.

CG-4848 - Removed the "Save and Close" button in the groups page as all changes made immediately apply.

CG-4860 - Fixed an issue with the search results not being retained after a contact is deleted.

CG-4874 - Fixed an issue with the campaign results browser breakdown showing incorrect results vs the main overview breakdown graph.

CG-4878 - Fixed an issue with the campaign industry report showing incorrect data.

CG-4886 - Added an audit record for all integration data feed queue records (successes, retries and failures)

CG-4904 - Fixed an issue with web capture forms submitting the incorrect value if the check box field is on a non ajax form.

CG-4928 - Changed web capture results to show the full contact record in the results instead of only contact fields that have changed from the submission.

CG-4933 - Fixed an issue with trigger records that failed from unsubscribed contacts being shown as successful sends on the contact record.

CG-4937 - Fixed an issue with the hyperlink manager box geting smaller each time you go into it.

CG-4940 - Added extra auditing for DataSync integration.

CG-4945 - Improved the IP detection for opens and clicks.

CG-4946 - Fixed an issue causing the heat map to not show all links in the preview of a comparison report.