SSO - v1.2 - October 2016

What's New

SSO-112 — Create Company level user management

What's Enhanced

SSO-84 — Allow API access to instance creator to create and attach accounts with the account wizard

What's Fixed

SSO-125 — Replace the URL in the plugin.js file with a wildcard / replace string, that we can pull from the app settings

SSO-128 — When using google authenticator, selecting the option I can't access my authenticator doesn't work correctly

SSO-130 — The option for company administrator when creating an account as an administrator is not there

SSO-131 — Adding a domain to an SSO company cannot be removed after it has been added

SSO-133 — Can't delete SSO account

SSO-135 — SSO usage is returning frequent but random SQL deadlock errors. Best way to recreate is to click between Accounts and Companies

SSO-141 — When an SSO account password expires and prompts a reset the user gets stuck in a loop having to reset the password

SSO-142 — Reset Password link does not work if user is logged in