GatorSocial - v2.4.6 - August 2018

What's Enhanced

Facebook - Due to Facebook releasing a new API we have updated our Facebook API support to v3.1.

What's Fixed

GS-176 — Added a "please wait" loading message when composing a message to show the system is loading background data so users do not think its unresponsive.

GS-204 — Pasting from word / other sources can cause formatting issues.

GS-209 — Numbers separated with dots are being converted in to links.

GS-237 — When trying to use the advanced setting to set a post for both Twitter and Facebook, switching between the two tabs makes it so that the message in the other tab disappears entirely. 

GS-245 — Facebook feed is not displaying information properly.

GS-248 — Facebook Report area not showing any information.

GS-249 — No error message displayed for sending a post to Facebook with no attached account.

GS-255 — Added a warning when Facebook has not been linked and posts have been scheduled.

GS-257 — Added a trim to remove space in the Twitter handle.  This resolves prevents competitor results not showing.

GS-264 — Due to a Facebook side API change the Facebook activity area was not displaying data.  We updated the API support to resolve this.

GS-265 — Removed the user account for selection in GatorScoop.

GS-266 — Removed mention of the "Network" in GatorScoop to "Message".