GatorSocial - v2.2.5 - April 2016

What's Enhanced

GS-9 — Ability to change the search engine that you use to select the three key words that you would like to search for

GS-37 — Add impersonation function for Support Users

GS-74 — Schedule tab now displays more than the top 50 scheduled posts

What's Fixed

GS-24 — Fixed the issue with batch upload dropdown list for Campaigns

GS-33 — Error reported that was disabling scheduled Facebook posts from deploying has been fixed

GS-38 — Facebook link previews now working

GS-40 — Corrected typos in the social_dashboard fields

GS-43 — Fixed issue where Tweets containing line breaks were not deploying

GS-44 — Scoop tool now showing accounts

GS-48 — Typo corrected when downloading scoop tool

GS-50 — Fixed the dashboard visibility bug for Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook

GS-52 — Fixed issue with format in batch uploads on .csv where “” are not recognised

GS-53 — GatorMail articles now display images

GS-55 — Delete Campaign buttons now visible when using Firefox

GS-56 — Fixed issue where posts were sending from an admin’s personal linkedin account rather than their company page

GS-57 — Fixed issues around posting the same content across multiple social channels

GS-60 — Fixed bug that was incorrectly reporting clicks on posts

GS-61 — Scheduled and dispatched posts for Twitter will now display the account they’re deploying from

GS-65 — Fixed: a unique customer reported issue

GS-66 — The character count for posts in the 'post update' section of GatorSocial isn’t consistent with the 'Schedule' section

GS-70 — Fixed issue that suggests a Tweet with max characters used wouldn’t deploy

GS-80 — Scheduled linkedin posts are now being deployed as normal

GS-73 — Error message on GatorSocial schedule