GatorSocial - v2.0 - February 2015

Integration to LinkedIn Company Pages

  • Single and scheduled posts to multiple Linkedin Company pages. Simply add under the Account section the company pages you are an Admin of. When posting you get the choice of which pages you wish to post to.

Post From Anywhere Bookmarklet

  • Install the ‘Post From Anywhere’ button from the Account section by dragging the button on to your browser bookmark section. Then go to any website, find a blog entry or new item and click the button and GatorSocial will gather info and create a link for you to post or schedule out to your social channels.

Design & Layout enhancements

  • New Menus made up of:
Post   - all campaigns and posts
Social – hubs for twitter and facebook
Report – activity, Topic and Competitors
Account – managing your Gator Social account
  • Responsive Design for use on mobile devices
  • Visual interface and design enhancements throughout

Improved management of social accounts

Updated to Facebook v2 API

Users must relink their FB accounts to GatorSocial to support the v2 Facebook API. Users will be prompted at login to do this 

SSL support for RSS feeds

Added ability to edit scheduled posts before they are delivered

Account Management

GatorSocial has login/logout support
User account creation
oAuth signup for twitter and facebook