GatorSurvey - v2.3.0 - May 2021

What's Fixed

GSU-525 - Surveys not loading in an instance (select screen)

GSU-522 - Style templates and Saved templates in the creation of a survey gets confusing

GSU-519 - Style active button - needs more explanation to what this is and how used

GSU-520 - Blank screen on publish for number of seconds

GSU-508 - Rating question type displays in wrong order in results

GSU-509 - Different question types do not format and align consistently

GSU-528 - Export CSV - data moving across columns - look into how csv is compiled as maybe characters causing issues and overflowing to other columns

GSU-492 - User is not able to download results when the name of the survey contains a #

GSU-494 - reCaptcha not saving when publishing new version

GSU-516 - Recaptcha not loading

GSU-518 - Buttons Select Text - not obvious that you can edit the button style and button text style as well

GSU-515 - Confirmation/Completed message not displaying on survey completion

GSU-523 - Uploading images - once uploaded it needs obvious highlighting to select, the image gets lost in the list

GSU-512 - Star rating question labels do not immediately display

GSU-511 - Folders do not highlight when you have them open

GSU-507 - Fixed an irrelevant next button

GSU-502 - Folders are not displayed alphabetically

GSU-505 - Survey completion message needs helper text to explain function

GSU-531 - Reloading the page on the select screen results in a white screen being displayed