GatorSurvey - v1.4.4 - May 2018

What's Enhanced

- Export Management - The Export Management screen allows users to see and download all exports throughout the system.  

- GDPR - Compliance with GDPR regulations for May 2018 including:

- Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF).

- All exports from the system audit (Export Management)

- Confirmed Opt In (COI), now supporting multiple consent fields.

- Conditions - We have updated page conditions to allow sub grouping.  

What's Fixed

GSU-262 — Display message if survey has been submitted before.
GSU-280 — Survey Select screen has a random space on the left hand side.
GSU-291 — GatorSurvey continually loads rather than being opened.
GSU-292 — Uploading image in Survey does not appear straight away.
GSU-299 — Republishing surveys counts both publications towards the survey count.
GSU-210 — Dynamic Question numbers are no longer working after the condition fix.
GSU-307 — Update Page Condition to allow sub grouping.