GatorSurvey - v1.4.2 - December 2017

What's Fixed

GSU-248 — Fixed an issue where some images would not let you edit them.

GSU-254 — Fixed an issue where you were unable to export results.

GSU-255 — Added 'Star' question types to the style template builder.

GSU-259 — Added an explanation for why the submit button doesnt show once a user has submitted the survey.  Also fixed an issue with where some survey loads just gave a blank page.

GSU-260 — Fixed an issue preventing "Other" selection showing in the results and result exports.

GSU-263 — Fixed an issuse that causes graph results to calculate incorrectly.

GSU-264 — Corrected "Results Export" so only completed results from the select revision are exported.

GSU-265 — Fixed an issue where unpublishing a survey would cause the survey style template to disappear, thus preventing opening the survey again.

GSU-268 — If a style template was missing on survey load, we now apply a default so the load doesnt fail.

GSU-269 — Fixed an issue when publishing a survey without any elements.  

GSU-270 — Updated the image upload size limit to 4MB.  Anything larger is too big and will be denied.