GatorCreator - v2.17.0 - February 2021

What's Fixed:

GC-1180 - 'Copy HTML' button in the plain text email adds extra text in the text version

GC-1188 - Unresponsive Delete Button for notification email recipient within web capture submit

GC-1186 - Tiny MCE CDN Expiry Warning

GC-1173 - Issue with creating mail-to links

GC-1108 - Investigate Local caching issues

GC-1164 - Font issue in GC

GC-1184 - Rounded Corners options not saving

GC-1189 - GC no longer supports 2 images in one column

GC-1181 - Rendering issue when previewing GatorCreator emails through GatorMail

GC-1187 - Creator multi column design breaks when view inline on 125% screens