GatorCreator - v2.14.0 - June 2020

What's New:

GC-1067 - We have added functionality for inserting calendar invite links in GatorCreator designs.

GC-1086 - Updated the UI for GatorCreator with a re-skin to the product.  

What's Fixed:

GC-1096 - Unable to align the image to the centre of the block.

GC-1083 - Issue with not being able to edit/run wizard (Public Landing Page)

GC-1079 - Save buttons greying out in Creator

GC-1085 - Creator Text Version not working properly with lower resolution/higher scaling

GC-1084 - UI display issue with the Notes section for the Test Centre

GC-1078 - Unable to send test from Test Centre when GatorMail default sender wasnt set.

GC-1091 - Image structure does not display fully in GatorCreator on smaller screens