GatorCreator - v2.13.0 - March 2020

What's Fixed

GC-1073 - Live email displays incorrectly on outlook app on phone

GC-1070 - Indent function  does not cause indenting in Outlook

GC-1003 - Email display only takes up half of display on Samsung S9 with outlook 365 app

GC-1033 - Link Checker failing document links

GC-1001 - Landing Zones used as unsubscribes not working correctly

GC-1031 - Smart Forms not responding within GCLZ

GC-1043 - When you hide an image in GCLZ you cannot bring it back again.

GC-1063 - Error message displays when saving emails in firefox.

GC-1065 - Sporadic log outs whist using product

GC-1045 - Copy HTML email button overwriting existing text

GC-1057 - Remove .JRP prefix on send

GC-1000 - Cannot delete images in GC

GC-1068 - Default value not loading in landing page

GC-1076 - Link Target selection does not save when changed in Landing Zone

GC-1062 - Bottom row of images in library is cut off

GC-1077 - Added .5 to all the pixel values in the editor drop down as well as the block style font size drop down.