GatorCreator - v2.12.0 - December 2019

What's Enhanced

GC-1010 -  Added Calibri to the list of GC fonts.

What's Fixed

GC-1002 -  Data Cleanse/Approval for GC LZ Web Capture forms not working.

GC-1011 -  File upload limits are not consistent across GatorMail/GatorCreator.

GC-1037 -  Warning messages displaying in error in GatorCreator email.

GC-1007 -  Image warning symbols in GatorCreator not displaying.

GC-942 -  RGB colours used in GatorCreator are not supported in Lotus Notes.

GC-1006 -  Extra code in the GC emails causing spacing issues.

GC-1026 -  'Hide element on mobile' not working in GCLZ.

GC-991 -  When you change the font size of the button, it doesn't change the value on the <td>.