GatorCreator - v2.10.0 - September 2019

What's Enhanced

GC-851 — Added functionality to use submit notifications for Landing Zones.

GC-960, GC-961 — In our Landing Page Editor we have now added the ability to use Custom CSS and CSS Classes on blocks.  This allows you to achieve a higher level of customisation for your page such as button hover colours and animations. 

GC-962 — Added the ability for checkboxes to appear on the left of the labels in landing zone web captures.

GC-978 — Added functionality to warn about session loss when designing content.  A warning will now display when you are disconnected, asking to reconnect to avoid lost work.

What's Fixed

GC-925 — Cannot change the thank you message text colour.

GC-935 — Add validation (warning) to notify the user when any links in the design are empty.

GC-948 — Unable to add links to logo in caption social media block.

GC-950 — LZ popup windows appear blue.

GC-951 — Rename "Landing Zones" to "Landing Pages" across the product.

GC-952 — Links in GCLZ have display:block !important.

GC-953 — Blocks including button hidden.

GC-954 — Hide hidden elements toggle not doing anything when buttons removed.

GC-955 — Images and buttons on mobile are always forced to full width regardless of option set.

GC-956 — Removed super subject line from GC Landing Zones, it should be for email only.

GC-957 — Removed sending tests for GC Landing Zones and Landing Zone Templates, it should be for email only.

GC-958 — Page background colour doesn’t work in live preview.

GC-959 — Set ‘page background’ and ‘content background’ doesn’t work in template editor.

GC-965 — Fixed alignment issues for web forms in GCLZ.

GC-968 — Countdown not displaying time correctly.

GC-969 — Mailto links reverting after changing when pressing save and exit.

GC-970 — Unresponsive issue when the size of the window is dropped below a certain limit.

GC-971 — Hide on mobile not working.

GC-973 — Link checker displaying failures for links that work.

GC-988, GC-990— Fixed some initialization warnings creating new designs.