GatorCreator - v2.3.0 - October 2018

What's Enhanced

GC-774 — We have made several UX enhancements and usability tweaks making the product easier than ever:

    - Super Subject - You can now add super subject aka preheader text to your emails. A super subject is a short summary that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Not all email clients support this but most of the big ISPs do such as Gmail, Outlook and more. Use super subject to give a summary or some insight on your email content.

    - Font Sizes - Access to most of the font sizes instead of restricting them.

    - Social Alias - Alias textbox for tracked social links to have an alias when showing in results.  

    - Send Test - Added a notes textbox, giving teams working on an email a single area for email change notes and comments.

    - Preview Text - Option to set some preview text as Outlook and other email clients display the first text in the email as a preview even when the text is hidden. 

    - Line Height - Option to remove line height.   Added line height options for the text editor too.

    - Advanced Borders - Ability to add left, right, top bottom borders like advanced padding. 

    - Changed the "Close" button to "Back" in text email.

What's Fixed

GC-734 — Fixed an issue moving images in image manager which have non alpha, numeric or underscore characters.

GC-736 — Fixed an issue being unable to see the full file name in the document manager.

GC-772 — Fixed an issue with default values not being pulled through in data capture fields.

GC-773 — Removed the Send Test button for templates.