GatorCreator - v2.1.0 - August 2018

What's New

GC-296 — Added the ability to search for images by name

GC-433 — Renaming images remembers the original name so you don't have to

What's Fixed

GC-362 — Images with non-alphanumeric characters are not uploading correctly

GC-386 — Bulleted lists have a huge margin when viewed in Outlook 2013

GC-415 — Fixed hiding buttons for a mobile device as they were still visible

GC-485 — Copying HTML email into TEXT version copies the design number and bot merge field url into the visible design

GC-515 — Caption image blocks full width on mobile not working

GC-626 — Test emails containing dynamic content blocks with no rules don't send

GC-652 — Fixed an issue where you could not edit a Divider block without saving and closing then reopening the design

GC-670 — Embedding images not functioning correctly

GC-674 — Link description does not show as alt text

GC-675 — Image manager in Firefox not loading fully

GC-686 — Fixed an issue with the "hide button" setting also hiding web captures

GC-689 — Add Tool tips to new Landing Zone features

GC-691 — Fixed an issue with a rouge bullet point showing in Outlook

GC-693 — Fixed an issue with mailto links not functioning correctly with merge fields 

GC-697 — Button block no longer responsive

GC-698 — Multiple tooltips for fallback font directive

GC-709 — Fixed an issue where you were unable to edit an email

GC-712 — Cannot undo hiding the text element

GC-713 — Cannot upload images on Microsoft Edge

GC-718 — Fixed creating an email in the root of the website saving as a landing zone rather than an email

GC-722 - Removed all available HTML comments in the sent email to reduce the message size

GC-727 — Fixed an issue where telephone links were tracked and failed.  They are no longer tracked

GC-728 — Fixed an issue with the submit button group feed disappearing from view if the Landing Zone was saved and reopened

GC-730 — Fixed an issue with the image path being cached between instances when using SSO and GatorCreator Landing Zones