GatorCreator - v2.0 - June 2018

What's New

GC-287 — Landing Zones - Added the ability to create landing zones

GC-640 — Allow custom fonts

What's Fixed

GC-399 — All fonts need to have a fallback family set

GC-520 — Images in email linking to webpage when not showing any link in design

GC-538 — Image modal crashing

GC-541 — Columns dont fit the full width of the email

GC-544 — Page becomes unresponsive when selecting image in GatorCreator.

GC-548 — Unable to access images in subfolders on GatorCreator

GC-550 — Editor Icons not appearing correctly

GC-552 — PDFs can't be linked to text in GatorCreator

GC-578 — Button width on mobile forced to full width

GC-593 — cant set font family or weight on button

GC-617 — columns are not resizing correctly

GC-618 — Image width not changing in HTML

GC-619 — Unable to change template names in selection view

GC-621 — Links appearing blue in design

GC-629 — Huge margins when using headings

GC-633 — Column custom widths do not work on modules with 2 columns

GC-637 — Tracked Links error when saving if defaultGoogleAnalyticsTracking does not exist in framework keys

GC-638 — remove spaces in uploaded image names

GC-641 — Mobile alignment issue

GC-647 — GatorCreator formats are breaking email layout

GC-648 — Custom widths break in outlook

GC-651 — Mis-alignment issue

GC-654 — Padding around image within the footer block pushes out the email width.

GC-655 — Duplicating COI links cause them to break