GatorCreator - v1.16.0 - March 2018


GC-469 — Image Modal Crashing due to expected folder that doesn't exist.

GC-492 — Caption Image top has align right which breaks mobile responsive design

GC-500 — clicking the property heading caret makes left screen disappear

GC-504 — TinyMCE fontawesome icons are broken

GC-506 — Image select modal didn't display image dimensions

GC-508 — When you delete all rules from a dynamic content block, it still shows up as dynamic content in live preview etc.

GC-509 — Display which blocks have dynamic content

GC-510 — Links being generated without IDs in GatorCreator

GC-514 — When copying an email, get taken to template selection screen instead of content.
GC-535 — Change the delete to use the same directive SSO for confirmation

GC-536 — Designs are not responsive in the latest test version of GC


GC-401 — Unlock the 20px padding restriction on blocks

New Feature

GC-483 — Event Merge Fields

GC-484 — Block Library

GC-499 — Creator Salutations

GC-503 — Dynamic Content