GatorCreator - v1.0.13 - November 2017


GC-292 — When running the configuration wizard for an email design in GatorCreator in Microsoft Edge the continue to step 2 button is not in a clickable position

GC-323 — Creating countdown in nifty images doesn't work for a countdown of more than 100 days

GC-325 — Extra padding issue in table in GatorCreator

GC-345 — Inserting a confirmation opt in link on a button asks you to select a reference number and will not let you close the box until you click insert

GC-369 — GC image library crashes out when trying to select an image

GC-394 — Returning to a GatorCreator email with an embedded image un-embeds the image

GC-395 — Landing zone links error.

GC-409 — Text blocks not selectable when they do not contain content

GC-420 — Setting background colour on the navigation block in GatorCreator doesn't work in Outlook.

GC-425 — When saving a new email or template, a grey screen appears which stops you from being able to click anything.

GC-429 — Issue with templates changing to admin templates randomly

GC-431 — Add bot tracking html into design

GC-437 — Having multiple categories on a template causes saved forms not to load

GC-440 — When you hit the cross on a link pop-up it still updates the link


GC-373 — Free range flexibility to change column widths

GC-439 — When you add a new social icon, it doesnt match the styling of the existing icons so it can appear out of alignment