GatorCreator - v1.0.7 - May 2017

What's New

GC-196 — Adding Communigator lead score to GatorCreator

GC-291 — Implement NiftyImages

What's Enhanced

GC-240 — Option to remove buttons from blocks

GC-284 — More custom links options in GatorCreator

GC-290 — Ability to set image alignment to left and right

GC-304 — Ability to paste as plain text as an option

What's Fixed

GC-305 — Copying a block that has a link inserted also copies the link and the link id

GC-306 — Clicking on the insert link button without clicking out of the url box or within another field does not insert a valid link

GC-307 — Borders width is not being taken in to consideration for responsive design in GatorCreator emails

GC-313 — Mailto links are not functioning correctly when added to buttons in GatorCreator

GC-315 — Moving a block is duplicating it