GatorCreator - v1.0.5 - February 2017

What's Enhanced

GC-206 — Enhance: Allow changing of the widths, not just 50/50

GC-209 — Enhance: Ability to Insert Survey and landing zone links into button url

GC-227 — Enhance: Add a 2 column vertical caption image module

GC-260 — Enhance: Add link aliases to button links in GatorCreator

What's Fixed

GC-255 — Extra meta tags created in GatorCreator html

GC-266 — Unsubscribe link button on text version inserts a view in browser link

GC-268 — Social Icons are stacked not side by side

GC-269 — Images becoming larger in outlook

GC-270 — Issue creating new template from GatorMail

GC-271 — GatorCreator emails do not display correctly on high resolution screens

GC-280 — Email html is coming across without content

GC-281 — Rounded corners are not working on buttons

GC-282 — Please can we make the campaign in use warning a modal pop-up