GatorWorkflow - v1.10.0 - June 2018

What's Enhanced

GW-223 — Control how frequent the workflow campaign stage will resend to the same contact

GW-226 — Created an "all events" option in GatorWorkflow so you dont have to create separate rule logic per event.

GW-227 — Created an "event category" selection for GatorWorkflow so you can create rule logic for all events that match the category

What's Fixed

GW-218 — Deleted contacts causing error when removing members from a workflow.

GW-220 — Add better documentation to explain how conditions work with real time data and do not look back retrospectively

GW-222 — Time jumps forward when saving live workflows

GW-224 — Audience Members not exiting workflow due to issue with stage condition on a campaign journey.

GW-225 — Add improved audit logging for customer initiated events