GatorWorkflow - v1.2 - November 2016

GatorWorkflow has just been released. Please see the GatorWorkflow help site for all things workflow.

What's New

GW-97 — Performance, Licensing and UX Features

GW-101 — A configurable historic search of the GatorLeads page hits is required in order to cover cases where GatorLeads accumulates a backlog of hits.

What's Enhanced

GW-107 — Add configurable interval timings to the GatorMail group entry stage

What's Fixed

GW-41 — Strange issues with GatorLeads conditions / audience stages

GW-45 — Issue where duplicate WorkflowStageConnection records are created causing errors when executing the workflows.

GW-46 — When an invalid date is stored in a stored value the error displayed is encrypted rather than being a friendly error message

GW-47 — Do not allow links within article blocks to be displayed as options when creating rules for web hits in GatorWorkflow conditions

GW-49 — When using exact urls as an entry point to a workflow, error messages are being displayed within the workflow log.

GW-50 — Suppress certain error messages relating to GatorLeads in GatorWorkflow

GW-51 — Put solution in place to ensure all locally cached web files are updated when an upgrade is released.

GW-56 — Error when applying a workflow version to master under certain circumstances

GW-79 — Issue with contacts proceeding through workflow condition in specific workflow

GW-82 — Duplicate GatorLeads rules for conditions are being executed sending more requests to GatorLeads than are required

GW-83 — Possibility for duplicate members when using multiple group audience stages

GW-86 — Error when logging into workflow if SSO account has an account associated in ssolinkedusers that doesn't exist anymore

GW-88 — Error when redirecting from the campaign stage to in design mode to gator express.

GW-89 — Web hit condition rule fails when a link has a trailing space.

GW-90 — Trigger records are being created with GMT send date instead of using instance specific localised date.

GW-92 — When an instance is deleted, the Workflow service does not recognise this and throws errors either 1. trying to load it or 2. trying to access the database.

GW-94 — Option to toggle between editor/analyis when a workflow is in live/test not present

GW-95 — Condition that uses GatorLeads tracking hit doesn't move member positively even though they have met the condition

GW-96 — Workflows with NULL start / end dates throw an error when changing state to live.

GW-98 — Added a regular expression to the input box for the GatorLeads tracking rule to ensure valid input.

GW-100 — Workflow sends requests to GatorLeads which fail due to being out of the allowed date range.

GW-102 — Clicking on "Copy a Workflow" causes an error after loading the Copy Workflow dialog

GW-103 — Workflow goes back into Design mode from Live Mode

GW-104 — Error in Gators Workflow when viewing members tab, log tab or completed members

GW-105 — When a workflow contact is updated, if the contact is CRM integrated an integration queue record is not generated.

GW-106 — Errors on instance load can stop instances from loading completely which may stop workflows from running

GW-108 — When using SSO to sign in to Workflow, after logging in the redirect to GatorMail and GatorExpress still directs the user to SSO and not straight to the product

GW-109 — When applying a workflow version to the master version deleted stages and connections are not removed and are applied to the master version.

GW-110 — If a workflow has members and a version is applied removing a stage with members, errors occur in the service.

GW-112 — Indirect links to stages are not being traversed to find stored value assignment points

GW-113 — Some transactions error handling do not re throw exceptions which have occurred.

GW-114 — Timeouts on the group entry stage due to large group/member count.

GW-116 — When creating a condition where it uses a wait of a date/time has passed, it is not allowing you to change the time, only the date

GW-119 — When you go to add a new workflow it says you have a 50 work flow allowance