GatorWorkflow - v1.1 - July 2016

What's Enhanced:

GW-2 — HTML editor for campaign send merge fields, notification message bodies and when storing a stored value.

GW-3 — GatorEvents Condition.

GW-4 — Stored Value Type Changes.

GW-5 — GatorLeads Tracking.

GW-6 — Added a visible connection between campaign journey / go to stage(s) and their targets.

GW-9 — Workflow Mode Process Update.

GW-12 — Add a check box to optionally clear down workflow members and their associated GatorMail records on mode change (test/live).

GW-13 — Add the ability to add/remove and update global, workflow and member stored values.

GW-14 — Add the ability to store a version of a workflow on each save and then be able to view and edit these previous versions, then apply them back to the master version if required.

GW-15 — Add the ability to run multiple workflow services for a single environment split over an instance name range (instances starting with letter a-b for example).

What's Fixed:

GW-16 — When switching between instances, a previous folder selection made in another instance cause workflows not to be visible in the active instance.

GW-17 — Add the workflow information video to the workflows screen.

GW-18 — Added reset canvas button to the analysis screen.

GW-19 — Add a max/min zoom restriction in the workflow editor and throttle the mouse wheel speed so that zoom requests are only registered every 1/3 of a second.

GW-20 — Ensure that members with duplicate email addresses cannot enter a workflow.

GW-21 — Ensure that on load of a workflow that if the workflow canvas is off the screen that it is reset.

GW-22 — Add a prompt when the user tries to move to another screen without saving the active workflow. This prompt should also display when switching between versions.

GW-23 — Add an auto save option (available to enable and disable from the user settings). This should detect when a change has been made to a workflow and save.

GW-28 — An example where a workflow did not obey a wait period and campaign was sent before the date/time had passed.

GW-29 — Bug in series type expression where the expression was being stored malformed.

GW-30 — Date passed error message when publishing a workflow with wait stages where the wait date is valid.

GW-31 — Null reference exception on stopping service.

GW-32 — Date based stored value and contact rules were using UTC converted date and require a time-zone selection.

GW-33 — Error in a workflow when a journey stage is deleted which has a journey based campaign rule.

GW-34 — Issue where DB connections are closed before Stored Values are retrieved when checking Campaign Journey rules causing error.

GW-36 — When using a go to stage it is possible to publish a workflow without an exit stage, resulting in errors.

GW-37 — When a workflow loads the canvas either zooms in or zooms out to the configured zoom level.

GW-39 — Workflow members entering a send campaign stage but no triggers are added and they seem to just sit there.

GW-40 — Add validation to the instance settings page of workflow.

GW-42 — Unable to submit once confirming member removal on the change state dialog.

GW-43 — Event cancelled condition rules are not triggering when an event is cancelled for a workflow member.

GW-44 — Zoom animation not working when first creating a workflow.