GatorPopup - v1.1.0 - September 2019

What's Enhanced

GP-50 — Added time inputs to the Active Period for the "To Date" and "From Date" controls.

GP-54 — Added cookies to remember where a user is on popup list and manage pages.

GP-67 — Added a new JS API function _gl.p.reload(), to be used in situations where the popup script needs to re-run, such as in a Single Page Application.

What's Fixed

GP-48 — Popup manage screen control buttons are not displaying in a line on smaller screens.

GP-49 — Active Period Saturday is not selected by default on new popups.

GP-52 — Edit popup link tooltip truncating name strangely.

GP-55 — Updated the URL link checker in line with GC-973 where some links would fail that worked fine.

GP-59 — Fixed some validation of controls being enabled or not for the Stop Conditions.

GP-64 — Updated the URL targeting to better handle wildcards.

GP-65 — Firefox on Mac not loading Popup images.

GP-66 — Added popup name in results url.