GatorLeads - v5.28.0 - August 2021

What's Fixed

GL-982 - Dynamics Deprecation + On Premise Auth  Updates 

GL-972 - Ability to suppress the UTM cookie written on a response from the  tracking server for calls to trackPageView 

GL-971 - GatorLeads tracking not working on customers site 

GL-964 - Incorrect first visit and first UTMs for leads being stored 

GL-958 - Not able to delete GatorLeads category. 

GL-956 - Wrong national flags displaying on live feed 

GL-976 - Internal Server Error - Site Analytics > Pages > View Companies 

GL-969 - Update GL Footer information 

GL-953 - The URL for a PURL needs to have a forward slash at the end of the URL  when setting up the PURL. 

GL-974 - Error when deleting GatorLeads user (FK Constraint DeletedContactsAudit) 

GL-961 - GatorLeads superadmin client list has empty space 

GL-960 - Multiple assignments made from single csv upload