GatorLeads - v5.20.0 - September 2019

What's New

WOW-622 — Added a new page "watches" under Admin > Other where clients can view all the leads that are currently being watched.

What's Enhanced

WOW-689 & WOW-690 — Enhanced Alerts and Page Scoring by adding functionality to use a collection of Categories on the new page filters.  Users can now save/load/view and use multiple categories.

What's Fixed

WOW-660 — Update company details button does not function.

WOW-675 — Contact information button not working for sales users.

WOW-677 — On Watch email does not contain page content.

WOW-720 — Fixed some issues when uploading CSVs.

WOW-668 — Fixed a PURL link problem when creating multiple in a row.

WOW-688 — Fixed an issue being unable to delete some users.