GatorMail - v7.15.0 - September 2019

What's New

CG-5383 — Added a new "Deliverability Graphs" section to the Reporting menu.  Use these graphs to gain insight into your campaign delivery.  

What's Enhanced

CG-5379 — Added a check to the initiate if your subject line contains HTML.

CG-5608 — Added the ability to change the submit button text in Single Script forms.

What's Fixed:

CG-5053 — Selecting the campaign strategy other automatically using customer instead.

CG-5356 — Initiate button not showing on some high res screens.

CG-5382 — Issue saving and getting the embedded code for a recaptcha web form.

CG-5387 — Issue clicking any campaign tabs due to a truncated subject line over 255 characters.

CG-5398 — Issue with GoToWebinar not pulling down recorded webinars.

CG-5401 — Dynamic Content not reading value of null correctly.

CG-5409 — Issue with image names when uploading in File manager.

CG-5414 — Copy campaign does not copy split test alias or sender alias.

CG-5415 — Updated test link checks to the initiate check screen for new DNA structure.

CG-5429 — Added a warning for landing zone notifications that sending tests to SendForensics may trigger these.

CG-5431 — Issue with GoToWebinar sending wrong time zone for BST.

CG-5438 — Updated the fuzzy matching for CSV auto field mappings.  

CG-5448 — Added a warning to CSV imports if they contain special characters to re-save the CSV with the correct format and re-upload.

CG-5453 — Issue with the campaign strategy option allowing more than one option.

CG-5454 — Issue with duplicating landing zone html due to submit button wizard.

CG-5458 — Issue with GatorWorkflow causing duplicates if a contact already exists as an included member.

CG-5460 — Issue witth date/time conversions for DataSync.

CG-5461 — Mappings dropdown closes while trying to select field to map to.

CG-5466 — Issue with Contact record not showing sent campaigns.

CG-5467 — Unable to import csvs in to a group that has previously had csvs imported in to it.

CG-5474 — Issue with Campaign trigger emails not sending with null email addresses.

CG-5482 — Total score field not syncing across data sync.

CG-5483 — Added support to process merge fields for GatorCreator landing zone notifications.

CG-5486 — Added support to process merge fields within Dynamic Content.

CG-5498 — Updating Regex to include domain.

CG-5522 — Re-added the contact field "ContactCreatedDt" in contact record.

CG-5524 / CG-5648 — Confirmation Emails not sending that have embedded images.

CG-5527 — Screen blacking out/freezing when trying to copy emails.

CG-5529 — Re-added the "MostRecentBounceReason" and "MostRecentBounceDate" contact fields back on the contact record screen.

CG-5531 — Issue with some fields not being available to map to parent customer record.

CG-5533 — Data Sync Errors caused by having apostrophe in campaign title.

CG-5535 — Issue being unable to include additional fields in exports.

CG-5538 — Campaigns brought across from SalesForce always default to campaign strategy customer.

CG-5539 — Smart Forms Single Script displaying weirdly when used in Google Tag manager.

CG-5544 — Multiple MoreLinq versions causing DataSync service errors.

CG-5546 — Removed the Gatorleads tab from campaign results.  GatorLeads is now accessible via the SSO top bar.

CG-5557 — Example where a right to be forgotten function is not working.

CG-5560 — Deliverability status on summary tab of contact record not updating.

CG-5562 — Issue with apostrophe in a campaign preventing edits to a Landing Zone.

CG-5563 — Activity Report - Survey Periodic report failing due to date/time conversion.

CG-5568 — Blue screen error when accessing Survey periodic report results.

CG-5570 — Copying and pasting content in to subject line field causes double up.

CG-5574 — Issue with lead score reporting not splitting the bands correctly.

CG-5579 — Follow up tab export not displaying any data for followups that send themselves.

CG-5580 — Updated the error messages for Import CSV to correctly match the issue with the upload.

CG-5591 — Manage Export Fields not excluding certain fields.

CG-5605 — On the hosted platform Admin defaults for SMTP Server and Admin From Address have been locked from customer updates.

CG-5614 — Drop down from 'my account' cut off by edge of screen.

CG-5617 — Issue with session remembering deleted folders and trying to load the user view into them but failing.

CG-5618 — Issue clicking download button in export manager when using Internet Explorer 11.

CG-5621 — Event rule event selection not working.

CG-5623 — Updated GoToWebinar OAuth to v2 as per their mandatory requirement for OAuth security updates.

CG-5624 — Settings checkboxes in gator forms are not copied over when copying an existing form.

CG-5625 — Updated the dropdown on smart forms to have Utms Only as the default.