GatorMail - v7.1.16 - June 2017

This version only supports the latest GatorLayout.

What's Fixed:

[07666-R9L8:3651] - Fixed an issue opening or copying a GatorCreator email with an apostrophe in its name.

[08500-N4R4:3699] - Fixed an issue when attaching emails to campaigns.

[09341-D0H8:3747] - Fix for an error which occurs if a campaign has no attached unsubscribe and is sending using a group for an audience.

[09642-K0H0:3755] - "Export all contacts who clicked on link" link button works now for Article clicks

[09742-V9N9:3759] - Fixed an issue with the Confirmation OptIn not letting you upload images.

[10488-J7Z2:3779] - Fixed an issue copying GatorCreator emails in Quick Campaign.

[Internal:3692] - Fixed an issue clearing a merge field after adding content then removing it.

[Internal:3713] - Fixed an issue with a web capture url opening multiple times from within the web capture setup details page.

[Internal:3756] - Fixed an issue with the Data Cleanse failing to process all for web captures.

[Internal:3768] - Prevented duplicate records of GoToWebinar Attendees being Created in CRM

[Internal:3780] - Integration data feed records are now created when modifying contact attributes in the contact details screen