GatorMail - v7.1.14 - April 2017

This version only supports the latest GatorLayout.

What's Fixed:

[03376-R2L9:3453] - Fixed an issue within the event setup, where an error was incorrectly displayed, if the event was set to delegates only and no booker confirmation was set.

[06797-M6C4:3584] - Fixed an issue with saving the event attendance register.

[07300-S4Q8:3608] - Fixed an issue in DataSync where it stopped working if a sync previously setup was deleted for a custom contact field.

[07545-J5F4:3629] - Added excluded groups grid in the contact screen to clearly see if the contact is excluded from a group

[07702-D9V8:3668] - Fixed an issue in Firefox with displaying the confirm statement block for the Confirmed Optin functionality.

[07916-H4C8:3672] - Fixed an issue selecting GatorCreator templates to add them to a new design.

[Internal:3591] - Fixed an issue loading GatorCreator emails from the recent menu.

[Internal:3596] - Added a note for the seed address functionality when campaign is a follow up or workflow type confirming seeds will not be used for that campaign type.

[Internal:3664] - Fixed an issue loading GatorCreator emails from the initiate check screen menu.

[Internal:3670] - Fixed an issue in the SDK method "UpdateCampaign" when the date passed in was in an unexpected format.

[Internal:3674] - Allowed DataSync sync state changes to occur instantly if the associated connector is disabled.

[Internal:3678] - Added the event title to the GatorLeads scripts so the event name appears in the Alias column for the tracking report.

[Internal:3679] - Fixed an issue with deleted survey conditions blocking the survey being set to anonymous.