GatorMail - v7.0.7

Initiating a campaign

  • Faster access to the initiate check screen: From the campaign screen it is now possible to click ‘Save and Initiate’ rather than having to close the campaign and then go into the initiate screen.
  • Initiate check screen support for multiple designs: There is now a drop down on the top bar of the initiate screen allowing you to pick which design to check against.
  • Added follow-up information onto the initiate check screen so that you can see easily if the campaign about to be initiated has follow-ups.
  • Added a stop warning into the initiate check screen: checks your send to a friend is set up.
  • Added the view in browser option into the final initiate check screen. You can preview your campaign prior to send.
  • Added a post campaign tracking section to the initiate check screen to warn users that they may not be using post campaign tracking.

Gmail Open Tracking

Support for Gmail’s new image caching that can affect your open rates.

GatorLeads (WOW Analytics) LZ Tracking

Your GatorMail landing pages such as web capture, events, surveys, landing zones, unsubscribes and send to a friend pages can now be tracked through your GatorLeads interface in addition to GatorMail's own tracking, giving you more insight to exactly what a Company or contact lead have visited. 

GatorEvents payment options

An event can be set up to use multiple payment types plus there is a new payment type of

"Payment Online / Payment Instructions".

GatorSocial Improvements

You can now send a Single Post to multiple channels in one hit (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

All posts carry Google UTM values for easier monitoring of your post links back to your website

 Complete Change Log for v7.0.7

Area --> Description

  • admin --> Added a drop down to the admin manage users section when the logged in user has the "admin" role, to allow them to select individual instances to manage users for.  Note: this is only applicable for multitennancy environments.
  • admin --> For hosted customers, we have added an account manager for the white menu bar when an account manager has been set for the account.
  • campaigns --> Improved the speed at which emails attach to campaigns by reducing the session page sizes.
  • campaigns --> Fixed two issues with email selection criteria on the campaign setup.  The first was an error when saving a blank value.  The second was to improve the loading speed of the value from list popup.
  • campaigns --> Fixed an issue with the inbox checker icon on the campaign select screen not showing when one had been run.
  • campaigns --> Fixed an issue with our sender domain drop down within the campaign setup not displaying scroll bars correctly.
  • campaigns --> Added the "View In Browser" button onto the campaign send test tab when the option "Both" is selected, and defaulted it to preview the HTML version.  Previously it would only appear if you changed the option to "HTML" from "Both".
  • campaigns --> For customers that have the campaign stats summary on campaign results (a process where the campaign results do not recount EVERY page load, but instead obey a last run / self updating interval), we have added a "Last Updated" date and time into the campaign results so you can see how old the results are.
  • campaigns --> Updated the view in browser on the campaign send test so the popup preview is a fully working email.  Tracked content and clicks were disabled, but these all now work.
  • contacts --> Updated our contact business object to accept a display name of 255 characters instead of just 50.
  • design --> Fixed an issue with IE11 adding spaces into the email design when saving and reloading the design.  
  • design --> Fixed an issue in the HTML editor where switching to the HTML view would leave a large white edit box with no use.  
  • design --> Fixed an issue where the "Save" option within the HTML editor not committing a snapshot manager save.
  • emails --> Changed the delete function for emails from within sub folders to not take the user back to the root folder after the delete.  
  • emails --> Fixed an issue opening email templates where the text version was 'null', as in never populated.
  • events --> Added a new payment type "Payment Online / Payment Instructions" and a PayPal custom payment button into our events functionality.
  • events --> Enhanced event confirmation emails so that tracked campaign content will work, but only if the event is linked from a campaign.  Note: dynamic content blocks, event blocks and article blocks will not work in the confirmation still.  Event reminders cannot support campaign tracked content at all.  Because of these restrictions, we now also blocked emails being added into confirmations or reminders where those emails contain the unsupported content.  
  • events --> Allowed the edit of the top contact in the event manage bookings screen but added a warning to say it will update the physical contact record too.
  • events --> Fixed the save Font 1 in the event editor so that your change is accepted.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with sending reminder emails to "All Delegates" so that it now excludes cancelled and waiting list delegates.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with custom links not working within the event booking short or long description.  Note this is only fixed for events that link back to campaigns.  Deploy to web events will not be able to use custom links still.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with event booking exports failing when the logged in username was an email address.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with event booking exports failing when the logged in username was an email address.
  • events --> Fixed issues with tracked links in events for long / short descriptions, reminders, and confirmations.  Tracked links will work only when an event is sent via a campaign, when the user added tracked link content in the short, long descriptions and the confirmation message and end date message.  If anyone is added via a Manual booking the campaign links will not work.  Messages have been put in place that warns the user that manual booking will not support campaign content.  We have also added validation on adding a confirmation email and a reminder email.  Tracked links will work in a confirmation emails but event, article and dynamic content blocks will not work and confirmation emails cannot be added the if the email contains this content.  No campaign content at all will work in reminder emails and when the reminder emails are added the user will be prevented from adding the emails if there is any campaign content.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with exporting event bookings not populating the attendance column when you had selected the "Attended Checkbox" option for the export.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with events that used the payment option "Payment Instructions" getting stuck in a loop and those instructions were never shown to the user.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with the end date message on the event not working and instead defaulting to something else.
  • events --> Fixed loss of event setup data when adding an event reminder prior to actually saving the event.
  • events --> Fixed an issue where bad contact email addresses on event reminders would halt any subsequent reminders even if they were good to send.  The bad one blocked the process.
  • events --> Fixed a layout issue with the controls on the event details page in IE11.  In IE11 the date time pickers and the categories tree were rendered incorrectly.  
  • events --> Fixed a layout issue the categories control on the events deploy to web page.
  • events --> Tidied up the event attendee registers so you can see all the attendees without any paging.  Also added an export to the page so you can get the data if needed.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with the resend of confirmation emails to delegates not factoring in further delegates for the booking.  Only the first delegate would get the confirmation.
  • events --> Fixed an issue with the events rotator in the deploy to web section where all events would be shown and not only events based on the selected categories.
  • events --> Added confirmations to the send notifications for bookers and delegates instead of the button click being an immediate send.
  • events --> Fixed an issue when deleting a delegate from the edit booking page in events.  
  • events --> Fixed an issue with the event totals not showing the correct values for the total available places.  Also added a new count for the waiting list and cancelled totals.
  • events --> Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when a booking only had one delegate, but the user tried to uncheck the "Booker as delegate" option.  Doing so would render the booking without any delegates.  A booking requires at least 1 delegate and so this option is now disabled if the booking only has the booker as the delegate.
  • events --> Fixed an issue where adding a new event would move you to the last page in the event grid instead of acting like other pages of the product and displaying it at the top of the current page.
  • google --> Added support for Google Analytics tracking on the read more links of articles.  
  • google --> Change .open tracking to have a zero content length for gmail caching
  • google --> Updated a HTTP call to a Google API into a HTTPS call so that customers accessing CommuniGator via our HTTPs site would not have any HTTP content.
  • initiate screen --> Added support into the initiate check screen for multiple designs.  There is now a drop down on the top bar allowing selection of the email should the campaign have multiple attached.
  • initiate screen --> Added follow-up information onto the initiate check screen so that you can see easily if the campaign about to be initiated has follow-ups.
  • initiate screen --> Added a stop warning into the initiate check screen when you have provided a send to a friend link in the creative but not actually selected a send to a friend on the campaign.  We would rather stop you sending an email with a bad link, than for it to be sent and then find the link doesnt work.
  • initiate screen --> Updated the initiate check screen to check for an invalid sender email address when users do not enter a name before the fixed @ dropdown domain selector.
  • initiate screen --> Added a quick initiate link from within the campaign setup screen that takes you to the initiate check screen.  Added a link in the initiate to go back to the campaign setup.  Have also added a drop down to allow selection if the campaign has multiple emails attached (it wont show if it doesnt).
  • initiate screen --> Added into the final initiate check screen the view in browser option found in the campaign send test tab so users have the ability to see the design one last time before initiate.
  • initiate screen --> Fixed a tooltip issue with the initiate check screen mixing up the no unsubscribe on the campaign with the email not having an unsubscribe link.
  • initiate screen --> Added a information icon hoverover to the audience count on the final initiate check screen to explain the count shown is the last known count, and could be out of date if changes have been made to the audience since the current count was generated.
  • initiate screen --> Added a post campaign tracking section to the initiate check screen to warn users about not using this functionality or using it, but having content in the email that does not.  Such as a website links not using Google Analytics.  The campaign not using GatorLeads (WOW).  
  • integrations --> Fixed an issue with Saleslogix integrations not integrating fields that were a smallint.
  • integrations --> Fixed an issue with Salesforce integration failing to send back the history to the CRM when the subject has an apostrophe.
  • integrations --> Fixed an issue in MSCRM 4 integration sending back a survey complete status when the survey was only accessed.  Fixed in version of the MSCRM 4 plugin.
  • integrations --> Fixed an issue with Saleslogix integration not showing new leads from event registrations due to the CONTACTID of the record not being populated as the data integrated back.
  • integrations --> Fixed an issue with Salesforce integration contacts into CommuniGator when the contact had a blank value for a Gator lead score prefix field of LS_something.
  • integrations --> Fixed an issue with sending back contact groups from Gator to Act! not re-synching the crmContactId back from Act! to Gator afterwards.  
  • integrations --> Fixed an issue with Salesforce integration where too many updates for a single contact were being passed to Salesforce in one batch.  A limit of 6 updates at any one time is imposed by Salesforce and some click happy activity could tip this over 6.
  • job scheduler --> Updated the JobScheduler service introduced in 7.0.6 so the configuration files accept encrypted connection strings to the databases.
  • leads --> Added a "I already have an account" to  GatorLeads (WOW) so that users who do have one already can hook CommuniGator into it from within the product.
  • leads --> Added functionality to enable GatorLeads (WOW) within CommuniGator landing pages such as landing zones, events, surveys, unsubscribes and send to a friend pages. 
  • reporting --> Fixed an issue with ampersands causing the export all contacts who clicked a link returning a blank file from the campaign results.
  • reporting --> Fixed an issue exporting the clicks of campaigns when the campaign subject line had an apostrophe.
  • reporting --> Fixed an issue with a cookie used to store the campaigns selected for the analytics report, that resulted in the report not showing all the campaigns selected.  This would only happen if a report on all Campaigns or lots (over 20) of campaigns was run.
  • reporting --> Fixed an issue with activity reports not clearing out removed campaigns from the report if they were there, then it was run, then they are removed, and another run occurred.
  • reporting --> Fixed an issue on the campaign results for exporting distinct event hits.  
  • results --> Fixed an issue where submitting a send to a friend would use the live process thus adding the friend into the live campaign results.  This now uses a proper test and so the results do not appear in the results of the campaign.
  • run campaign --> Run Campaigns dynamic content mail merge batch correctly sending separate content for all contacts in the current batch of contacts (Park Issue)
  • run campaign --> Fixed an issue with the RunCampaigns stopping a campaign send if the current batch received for the campaign were all duplicates of contacts who had already been sent the campaign.  This would only effect people where a single campaign audience had over 5000 duplicate contacts in a total.  
  • scheduled notifications --> Fixed an issue with scheduled notifications not sending the correct amount of campaigns when set to run on a recurring interval, such as daily.  Some of the reports would actually send multiple days instead of just the one day.
  • sending --> Added into the campaign batch settings options for 30k and 40k.  No more jump from 20k to 50k.
  • sending --> Fixed an issue with the multithreaded campaign sending in v7.  Sending multiple campaigns at the same time is again possible.  Warning: using this functionality is extremely performance draining and should not be turned on lightly.
  • social --> Due to an update at Twitter, where they changed the format of their user identifiers.  We have updated our twitter integration with TweetSharp.
  • social --> Added two new roles into CommuniGator for GatorSocial and GatorSocialPost.  If the user only has GatorSocial then users can only view the data within GatorSocial.  All posting is disabled.  
  • spam score --> Fixed an issue with the check spam score returning a 'an error has occurred' page when being run.  
  • split tests --> Fixed an issue with split tests sometimes sending over the sample size and not sending even splits of the designs.
  • split tests --> Fixed an issue where split tests using two different emails, where the articles in design B were not being picked up.
  • split tests --> Fixed an issue with Follow-Up campaigns from split tests where those campaigns have custom links in the subject line that were not being parsed out.
  • split tests --> Fixed an issue with split tests sometimes sending over the sample size and not sending even splits of the designs.  
  • split tests --> Fixed an issue where if a split test sending and the send process was terminated for any reason.  When it resumed sending it correctly resumes design B if design A had already completed.
  • split tests --> Fixed an issue with split test view in browser links showing the design for split A instead of the design that was on split B.
  • surveys --> Re-added functionality to access an incomplete survey from within the campaign results.  This allows the logged in user to access the survey as if it was the actual recipient, and complete it if necessary.  
  • surveys --> Fixed an issue with surveys losing your question details when updating them after the initial save.  
  • surveys --> Fixed an issue with running survey periodic activity reports where they didnt work at all.
  • surveys --> Changed the survey not accessed report so that the survey link column is a complete working URL that can be used to access the survey as if it was the actual recipient.  Users can then complete surveys manually or send the links on if required.
  • unsubscribe --> Fixed an issue with unsubscribe links in notification emails from landing zone web captures not working.
  • web capture --> Added optional functionality in the web capture submit wizard to grant control on the submit redirect target.  You can now choose whether the target redirect is loaded in the same window or a new window.  This is particularly useful for customers using web captures embedded into websites, so the redirect target doesnt also load within the iframe.
  • web capture --> Enhance: Add protection to web capture submissions to help keep data caused from early browser closes
  • web capture --> Changed web capture submissions to submit the data all at the same time, rather than submit one control after the other.  Also changed the submit button text to indicate a "Submitting" state once clicked.  We found that submitting and quickly closing the page could cut the submission from completing when the submit processed each control separately.
  • web capture --> Updated the date of birth validation (RegEx) so that it would stop people from accidentally submitting "DD/MM/YYYY16/03/1981" or similar content, when it should only be "16/03/1981".
  • web capture --> Added into web capture submit redirects to a landing zone or a URL the email address of the submitted contact so the target page can capture and use the information when using GatorLeads (WOW).