GatorMail - v7.1.4 - April 2016

What's New

  • Time and Day Based Sending - You can now set timeframes for active or non-recurring campaigns, giving users the ability to specify sending days and times.  You can add multiple time ranges per day and choose independent times on each day.  I.e. a campaign can be active from 9:00-11:30 and 13:00-16:30 on a Monday, inactive on a Tuesday, and active again between 9:00-17:00 on Wednesday, and so on.
  • Trigger Time and Day Based Sending - Because a campaign can send emails from triggered uploads, we have made sure both the time and day based sending, and batch sending work here too.

What's Enhanced

  • Campaign Batch Settings -  To enhance the sending further we have added two more batch settings, per half hour and per 15 minutes.  As aforementioned, if you wanted to, you can create a time and day based sending campaign, that has a per 15 minute batch.  You have even greater sending control for any campaign.
  • SDK - Created three new SDK methods to return SMS push notification data from Esendex.  As long as your online Esendex account is setup to do so, you can use these methods to see the Delivered, Failed, and Received SMS notifications.  

               - ReturnSMSDelivered

               - ReturnSMSFailed

               - ReturnSMSReceived

What's Fixed:

[56732:2244] - Fixed an issue trying to rename a web capture control after it was already added where the new name was ignored.

[70478:2716,2983,2984,2985] - Added time and day based sending for email and SMS campaigns.  Triggers for the campaign types obey this too.  Added a per 30 and per 15 minutes to campaign batch settings.

[70536:2768] - Changed the dynamic sender email address to only use what is in front of the @ sign for its data and append the selected domain after it.  This is instead of using the complete address from the contact field.  Only pre-authenticated domains can be used to send emails.

[75311:2896] - Added checks for updating contact data manually to not allow you to enter more data than the length of the field.

[75773,77073:2912] - Fixed an issue clicking on article titles redirecting the user to the product login page in IE.  

[75913:2921] - Fixed an error viewing the results of non completed surveys on specific campaigns.  

[76039:2955] - Changed the locked controls for a split test campaign so you can edit the alias after initiation.  

[76065:2937] - Fixed an issue with survey results not correctly adding up to the number of contacts the survey had actually sent to.  The problem was our total delivered calculation was incorrect as it did not include all the soft and other bounces, resulting in the wrong count for the total surveys not accessed.

[76101:2991] - Changed the Esendex push notifications to use a concurrency model so we process the data and respond asynchronously.  

[76183:2943] - Updated the URLs for accessing GatorLeads within GatorMail to resolve an error shown on the page.

[76374:2964] - Fixed an error using the view in browser link for a resend email of a split test.  

[76536:2979] - Fixed an issue in groups where having a rule to check a value is greater or less than something didnt work if the data had decimal places.

[76577:2972] - Fixed an issue with the survey results export for the completed and non completed survey actually exporting the same data.

[76619:2965] - Fixed an issue in groups where using more than one set of brackets to separate the rule logic would return incorrect audience members for the group.  

[76750:2987] - Added campaign seed addresses to campaign series campaigns so that every campaign in the series would include the seed.

[76768:2988] - Fixed a problem with submitting a web capture when the mandatory error message had an apostrophe in it.

[76888:2992] - Updated the Gator integration to remove apostrophies from campaign names so it matches the removal if creating a campaign directly in GatorMail.

[77118:3009] - Fixed the missing images on the campaign results live feed when logging in via SSO.

[77142:3010] - Removed the ID field from the event field visibility list.  This is the system identifier for the contact table and cannot be modified so should not be available.

[77205,77150:3004] - Fixed an issue inserting a landing zone link in an email where the link would be added as text next to the selected link instead.

[77352:3015] - Fixed an issue changing the recurring campaign interval after it was selected the first time.

[77366:3020] - Fixed an issue using the campaign Twitter functionality when setting up Tweets.  

[77616:3040] - Updated the web capture business regular expression to exclude addresses from / / /

[Internal:2960] - Fixed an error in the bounce manager processing application for PowerMTA csv files with a date lookup failure in the csv.  Note: this is only relevant for sites running PowerMTA as their mailserver.