GatorMail - v7.24.0 - August 2021

What's Fixed:

CG-6513 - Refresh non-recurring campaign series list displays 'initiate' button rather than 'results' after initiating 

CG-6565 - Time & Day Settings still accessible when 'Time Zone Sending Enabled' 

CG-6465 - URLS reporting as invalid links 

CG-6572 - Dynamics Deprecation + On Premise Auth Updates 

CG-6520 - Smart form tracking enhancement 

CG-6533 - You don't have the required gotowebinar access level  

CG-6469 - Lead Creation Process Failure (NetSuite) - Unable to update entityid 

CG-6481 - Adding NetSuite System Field 'entityStatus' into avaiable field mappings 

CG-6548 - Send page URL back to workbooks for web form submissions 

CG-6456 - Update recommendations for GatorAI based on click responses 

CG-6464 - Smart form campaign email not sent 

CG-6451 - Change SendForensics integration so that all tests are tagged as mode=test, and add a test on the initiate that is tagged as a mode=live 

CG-6552 - Issue with Split test initiation screen audience count 

CG-6495 - Subject line doubles when copying and pasting content 

CG-6462 - When in confirmation opt in you cannot attach documents to a link as menu is blank 

CG-6515 - Link in html uploaded email design converts incorrectly 

CG-6581 - Extremely slow and unresponsive instances  

CG-6521 - Datasync NetSuite Concurrency Issues 

CG-6560 - Shebang in url forcing tracking to be displayed in the middle of the url and breaking it 

CG-6526 - Online activity times in Workbooks showing 1 hour behind 

CG-6567 - Checkbox label class not being added to smart for when rendering. 

CG-6528 - Smart Form text block newlines are not showing up in rendered HTML 

CG-6516 - Creating group of contacts who clicked through to link-Error 

CG-6529 - Not able to pause a live campaign when the name contains an apostrophe. 

CG-6549 - Issue with results Url loading completed survey results outside of the platform 

CG-6479 - Traditional Survey  - Summary Issue 

CG-6538 - Smart Forms- grammar mistake

CG-6475 - Lead creation failing in Dynamics CRM