GatorLeads - v5.22.0 - March 2020

What's New

GL-462 - We've completely revamped the way you upload companies to GatorLeads. You can now review and edit the company information to ensure it is correct before submitting the upload, matching your leads data more efficiently. See all historic uploads including those that failed via Company Upload Records.

What's Fixed

GL-675 - Fixed an issue with the contact information button not working for sales users.

GL-794 - Fixed an issue with tracking email addresses that have a + symbol. 

GL-765 - The maximum length of query parameters to be ignored by the system has been increased to 100 characters.

GL-778 - Fixed an issue loading alerts that had symbols such as a / in their title.

GL-787 - Fixed an issue being unable to delete categories.

GL-770 - Fixed an issue with the first UTM section not showing when we'd expect it to show with default values.

GL-772 - Fixed an issue with the page URL giving system error in Reporting -> Pages.

GL-790 - Fixed an issue with UTM Filtering not working.

GL-801 - Fixed an issue with the country name tooltip not displaying on country flags when hovered over.

GL-797 - Changed the PURL process to return the http version of the URL if the underlying URL for the PURL is http, otherwise it will use the https version.

GL-792 - Updated the status texts to use spaces for In Process and changed all references i could find to Qualify Out or Qualified to be Qualified Out.

GL-804 - Fixed an issue with PURL Alerts not sending notification emails.