GatorMail - v7.18.0 - March 2020

What's Enhanced:

CG-5853 - Added support for child folder searches from your current selected folder.

What's Fixed:

CG-5825 - Fixed an issue with the GatorAI graphs loading data when you click on one of the touch points.

CG-5827 - Updated the popup design for a fresh campaign that is sent over via an integration.

CG-5817 - Fixed display issues for the campaign approval functionality in the new campaign initiate screen.

CG-5856 - Fixed an issue with the campaign initiate not working correctly for the live / test links check.

CG-5859 - Fixed an issue copying an old GatorMail survey.

CG-5828 - Fixed an issue being unable to edit campaigns when the GatorMail username contains an apostrophe.

CG-5816 - Fixed an issue with Public Landing Page form submissions creating duplicate contacts.

CG-5860 - Fixed an issue with refresh campaigns not showing they have finished correctly when their end date passes.

CG-5887 - Fixed an issue in the GatorEvents system where you must click the PayPal button twice to get the page to load.

CG-5886 - Fixed an issue with creating groups off GatorAI most / least likely to click not working.

CG-5481 - Fixed an issue with audience criteria buttons do not functioning correctly when multiple 'OR' functions are in the list.

CG-5913 - Changed the groups options for campaign rules to show all available items and not just ones that have already been triggered.

CG-5784 - Updated the Feedback-ID email header to comply with Gmail standards.

CG-5877 - Updated the bounce management to log some extra data and handle some data differently.

CG-5895 - Changed the integration management screen so the button to enable a custom integration is hidden by default.

CG-5945 - Fixed an issue inserting email history records into the data feed queue for custom integrations.

CG-5955 - Fixed an issue with the LS_Total field not synching back to Netsuite via DataSync.

CG-5881 - Fixed an issue with the API call to get confirmation optin data since it was last run.

CG-5838 - Fixed an issue where web capture submission rules were not working in safari.

CG-5858 - Fixed an issue with the create landing page from within the campaign setup not working.

CG-5636 - Removed the alert when submitting an embedded html form if the redirect url is enabled.

CG-5783 - Fixed an error with group rules on old GatorMail surveys.

CG-5770 - Fixed an issue where campaign info in the day calendar was not displaying correctly.

CG-5765 - Fixed an issue where the time zone was not set correctly when creating GTW in the Event Booking system.

CG-5768 - Fixed an issue where the campaign calendar was not showing the first send date correctly.

CG-5831 - Fixed an issue in Advanced Campaign setup screen where GatorCreator emails were not copying correctly.

CG-5836 - Added clicks to the default view for activity reports.

CG-5842 - Changed the Salesforce password input to be masked so that the password being entered is not displayed in clear text.

CG-5883 - Updated the text for the auto track links functionality to clarify we only track links that are in anchor tags <a>.

CG-5862 - Fixed multiple submission issues with web capture forms in Public Landing Pages.

CG-5857 - Fixed an issue with the email validation in smart forms where you could enable it but then not select a regular expression.

CG-5880 - Fixed an issue with the group builder not working for dynamic dates.

CG-5894 - Fix to allow the group name and description in the CSV import screen to contain apostrophes.

CG-5889 - Added unpaid booker's options for reminder emails.

CG-5891 - Change to ignore empty or blank contact field values when auto populating older style smart forms, allowing the default value (if set) for a field to be displayed.

CG-3736 - Added an option for smart forms and iframe based forms, to only display fields submitted in the form fill.

CG-5896 - Displayed a confirmation dialog when deleting folders in the select screens.

CG-5943 - Fixed an issue where creating a survey from campaign would not work unless you copied an existing survey.

CG-5947 - Fixed an issue in the group builder where the drop down to select a single event could not show without flipping to all events and back to single.

CG-5944 - Fixed an issue with absolute URLs used in Smart Form submit rules, where a match was not found when a forward slash was included at the end of the URL.

CG-5946 - Improved the performance when sending Dynamic Content based campaigns.

CG-5728 - Changed the event booking system not working correctly from an iframe by storing all data previously stored in session state to store in view state.

CG-5961 - Changed the API endpoints for group inclusion / exclusions to not change NULLs into default SQL dates if not set from the API call.

CG-5957 - Fixed an issue with the smart forms label text, still showing even if set to hidden.

CG-5969 - Changed the ReturnUnsubscribes SDK method so that it retrieves the campaigns related opt out value when selecting all the unsubscribed contacts.

CG-5973 - Fix for an error which occurred when restoring a contact with an apostrophe in their email address.

CG-5972 - Updated the call to GatorLeads to always pass the GatorMail "gator_td" for creating leads.

CG-5982 - Fixed an issue with the campaign predictions GatorAI graph not loading due to deleted campaigns.

CG-5985 - Fixed an issue with email opened, not opened and email sent non campaign specific group rules, where the date ranges do not work as expected due to use of most recent fields.

CG-5998 - Fixed an issue dealing with open tracking where the user agent language was not being passed across anymore.  We noticed Outlook was doing this more, and as a result some opens were being lost.