GatorMail - v7.17.0 - December 2019

What's Enhanced

CG-4022    - Added functionality to copy a group.

CG-5684    - Added a preview mode into the smart forms single script so the form is not actually submitted when the submit button is clicked.

CG-5775    - Updated all the select screens in across the product to a more functional and useful style.

What's Fixed:

CG-5400    - Added protection into the initiate check screen for multiple dynamic content blocks using the same identifier.

CG-5415    - Fixed an issue with a discrepancy in event clicks due to test tracked links being used by clients by mistake.

CG-5599    - Fixed an issue with Salesforce URLs to view the email giving an error when clicked.

CG-5601    - Fixed an issue where the initial split test results included the chosen design results too.  The initial results should maintain the pre final results for reference why that final might have been chosen.

CG-5616    - Changed the behaviour for recurring campaigns, so that it checks the previously set start date to see if it is within a number of hours from the current date. If outside the window, the campaign is rescheduled for the next valid send time.

CG-5627    - Changed the Dynamic Content "Contains Data" operator so that it does not match contact fields containing blank values.

CG-5657    - Fixed an issue with Salesforce campaigns not integrating over when there was an apostrophe in the name.

CG-5661    - Fixed an issue with tracked links truncating in the campaign results when the URL was very long.

CG-5674    - Set the integration history grid to HTML encode the campaign name to prevent any XSS attacks.

CG-5687    - Fixed an issue with making event bookings where the allowed length of data wasnt enough to support the inputted values.

CG-5702    - Added controls so Salesforce integrated contacts can be controlled to remove (or not remove) contacts already sent to GatorMail if the Salesforce members are changed.

CG-5708    - Fixed an initialisation warning error opening some emails in GatorCreator.

CG-5712    - Improved the responsiveness of the Send to a Friend functionality.

CG-5714    - Fixed an issue updating the export fields for contact data.

CG-5716    - Fixed an error loading view in browser links for campaigns that were quarantined.

CG-5720    - Changed the initiate screen so that it compares the campaign start date with the current time in the instances time zone instead of GMT when determining whether to display a warning about the campaign sending immediately.

CG-5733    - Fixed an issue exporting data for followups.

CG-5740    - Added a tool tip to better explain what the timezone sending option "send if time passed in contacts timezone" means.

CG-5747    - Fixed an issue with the time zone sending configuration which could fail to find an IP address due to some data anomalies.

CG-5749    - Fixed an issue with the campaign initiate screen not presenting the option to initiate when the email had no tracked links, or where all tracked links were invalid.

CG-5753    - Added and to the business email validation regular expression.

CG-5793    - Updated smart forms to default confirmation optin to be disabled rather than enabled.