GatorMail - v7.13.0 - April 2019

What's Enhanced:

- Re-designed Initiate Check Screen - We took up the challenge to re-design the campaign initiate check screen making it more useful and functional.  It should be easier to see the warnings to consider, issues to fix, and what is all OK.  Plus it looks a lot nicer!

What's Fixed:

CG-3787 — Fix to prevent duplicate data being pasted in the subject line text entry when attaching new or existing emails to a campaign.

CG-5144 — Changed the Netsuite contact sync to now map to parent customer fields.

CG-5157 — You are now able to enable a success message and failure message which are fired when submitting an ajax form.

CG-5172 — Updated the Twitter authentication process to comply with Twitter updating their authentication method.

CG-5177 — Fixed an issue with buttons getting cropped out on confirmation opt-in select web form.

CG-5184 — Added background saving for campaigns whenever you navigate away from the details tab.

CG-5195 — Fixed an issue in the Salesforce integration where boolean field values were only accepted in lowercase.

CG-5200 — Removed the GatorDocs tab in campaign results.

CG-5209 — Fixed an issue with Quick Campaigns not updating the email name in the summary page when changed.

CG-5216 — Updated CSV import to handle custom datetime formats when importing into datetime fields.

CG-5217 — Fixed an issue with split testing sending email design 2 and a blank email.

CG-5221 — Updated web capture to update the "ContactUpdatedDt" field when the web capture is submitted.

CG-5222 — Fixed an issue with web capture dropdown list adds space to second option.

CG-5236 — Added updates to the 'MostRecent' contact fields to the integration queue if mapped.

CG-5225 — Updated the create new option for the import csv screen to use a popup style.

CG-5231 — Added the creative heatamap to split test campaigns and also added optin clicks into the results.

CG-5241 — Fixed an issue where a GatorCreator email was not responsive when sending test through a GatorMail campaign.

CG-5243 — Fixed an issue with the survey unsubscribe link not working due to enhanced encryption on the tracked links.

CG-5244 — Fixed an issue with exports not working in when campaign names were very long.

CG-5245 — Fixed an issue with html emails not sending tests when text version is used.

CG-5254 — Fixed an issue with the new CSV import screen not handling commas properly for the sample data view.

CG-5256 — Changed the default option for a campaign resend to the selected individual instead of entire audience.

CG-5261 — Fixed an issue with adding blank entries on the domain suppression screen.

CG-5262 — Fixed an issue with errors when viewing survey results from the campaign results screen.

CG-5263 — Fixed an issue with the CSV Upload in IE throwing an error.

CG-5265 — Added support <textarea> fields in web capture.

CG-5268 — Changed spaces to underscores when creating folders via the file manager.  

CG-5272 — Updated the email encoding to resolve some line length bounce issues.

CG-5279 — Removed "crmid" as an auto match for "crmCompanyId" for the new import CSV screen.

CG-5285 — Added a check to see if the DataSync Sync is unloading to prevent cases where the sync continues to run for long periods of time stopping the connector or sync from changing state.

CG-5292 — Fixed an issue with some campaign results failing to load if the results URL was setup incorrectly. 

CG-5297 — Added a warning message to the group builder about the group having too many rules or inclusions / exclusions that stop the group working fully.

CG-5304 — Added a check to prevent two Gator contact fields being mapped to the same CRM field.

CG-5306 — Fixed an issue with the emoticons not working in the subject of an email for live sends.

CG-5309 — Added domains, and into the business email address regular expression for web capture field validation.

CG-5313 — Fixed an issue with the csv field mappings template not being applied if you are importing into a CRM integrated instance.